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Helping you with flat roofing

Have you built an extension and need a flat roof? Does your school need its flat roofing replaced? A Jackson Roofing can help you with high quality flat roofing in Bradford.

Add a durable and strong flat roof to your property:

Flat roofs are known to be prone to leaks and getting damaged very easily. When your flat roof is damaged and you don't get it replaced it can lead to you needing more costly repairs to your home.

We can help you by installing high quality flat roofs that stay strong for decades.

Choose from quality flat roof solutions

When it comes to having a new flat roof installed or an old one replaced you can choose from various styles and material. Felt gives your flat roof durable and long lasting strength reducing damage, leaks and future costs for repairs.


Felt roofing specialists

When it comes to flat roofs you'll be benefitting from a felt roofing specialist. You can get high quality Italiana Felting installed on your roof. This quality felt will keep your property safe from the strongest of storms. Call us today to get a flat roofing solution